You may use this booking form to contact me directly. For the best, quickest and most reliable results, however, please contact me through one of my various social media webpages, such as Twitter or FaceBook. I do not guarantee a response if your inquiry is sent ONLY through this form. Thank you!

Please provide a current phone number, and a complete description of the job in the body of your message. References may be required, as well as your current mailing address.
NOTE: I typically do not accept TFP/TFCD jobs. Sorry for any inconvenience.   
1. Nothing that would freak my mother out, if she saw it!  
2. I will need to see specific examples of the type of shots you are looking for.  
3. Implied nudes are fine; topless is generally okay too.  
4.  If you are opposed to me bringing an escort, then we cannot work together.  (This pertains to all shoots.)  

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