This is my blog…there are many like it but this one is mine...

Or something like that…

I need another blog like a fish needs a bicycle.  

But writing something so that this space didn't look so…naked…seemed like a good idea.  

I have a plethora of blogs at Wordpress…I write a whole lot of FaceBook notes, too.  And at one time, I was updating and managing over a dozen different blogs.  

I know I'm no Carrie Bradshaw (no matter how badly I'd like to be) but that is not stopping me from working on a book.  That's right, I'm writing a book.  And who has time for blogs when one is working on a BOOK?  (Or bookS???)  

Enjoy this space.  And while your at it, enjoy my REAL blogs.  (Links on page.)  

Namaste.  And all that.